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Gnanam Siddha Varma vaidyasalai was founded on 1971by the late Mr. Chellan vaidhiar. He was highly experienced in this field and received the Varma training from many highly efficient traditional scholars from Kanyaya kumara District, which has been very famous for excellent varma treatment. He had been an eminent scholar in “Kallavi”, “Silambum”< and “Varma Kalai” . He was too much service oriented and established Gnanam Siddha Varma Vaidya salai with the prime motto of serving all categories of orthopedic disordered patients with high quality of medicine and Varma point Stimulation.

Mr. Chellan vaidhiar, the most famous Orthopedic Doctor, who was an expert in Varma Kalai, founded the most well-known Gnanam Siddha Vaidyasalai in Kollencodu, which lies very close to the sea-shore of Kerala Border. He always treated all categories of orthopedic patients with utmost love, enthusiasm, affection, and service. Consequently, he became the darling of people from Kerala as well as TamilNadu, particularly from Kanyakumari District.

He earned the specialty, and reputation of curing many categories of orthopedic patients, who had been recommended for surgery during critical situations.

After his demise, his son Mr. C. Christudhas followed his treatment with the help of all sorts of experiences that were gained from his service-oriented Father. He expanded the Gnanam Siddha Varma Vaidyasalai remarkably by bringing out several innovations and modifications. He constructed several rooms including the general; wards.

Now his daughter, Dr.C.F. Jenifa B.S.M.S has been treating all types of Gynocological diseases. She qualified her U.G. degree course in A.T.S.V.S Siddha Medical College of Munchirai. She is credited with a vast experience and training gained from her father, Mr. Christhudhas. She is not only famous in treating all categories of Gynecological diseases but also orthopedic diseases.

We are highly privileged in treating both Male and Female patients with utmost care in separate sections. Female patients are treated by female Staff members.

Mr. C. Christudhas


Dr. S. Jean Stanley B.S.M.S, M.Sc

Varma & Massage Science

Dr. C.F. Jenifa B.S.M.S

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