Welcome to Gnanam Siddha Varma Vaidyasalai

We are much privileged to inform the fact that Gnanam Siddha Varma vaidyasalai has been functioning highly successfully for more than 45 years. We are highly service oriented and our deeds are charitable to a great extent.

We get pleasure by bringing permanent relief to all categories of disorders by our smart and efficient way of treatment, particularly for the people who have been referred to surgical treatment. We give a lot of importance to the psychological aspect of the patients before starting the treatment, that one only brings a lot of success to the patients.

In short, Siddha medicines brings cure to all categories of diseases within a stipulated time without any side effects. We have all sorts of facilities for both OPEN PATIENTS and IN PATIENTS such as vehicle parking and accommodation. We bring your kind attention that we provide hygienically prepared food for the IN PATIENTS in accordance with the treatment given to them.

About Siddha Medicine

Sidha medicine was founded by St. Agasthiar, who had received this valuable siddha medicine from the Lord Siva through meditation. Later the saint Agasthiar taught this medicine to his disciples. According to Siddha medicine our human body comprises of 96 “Thathuvangal”. Our human body is made of Pancha Poothangal. ( soil, water, fire, air, and atmosphere or space)


Varma treatment is a branch of siddha medicine. In our human body there are 108 varma points and 12 Aclonkals. If any varma points are stimulated during an accident or falling down,the varma treatment is given. Varma medicines are made only by herbs and varma treatment is done for Bone fraction, Bone dislocation, Accidents, Unconsciousness, Falling down, Arthritis etc...


In our human body, there are 4448 diseases. All these diseases are grouped under three categories, the “Vatham”, “Pitham”, and “Kabam”. In siddha treatment, disease is diagnosed by 8 Lympes. In Siddha system, medicines are made from Herbals, Metals and Pashanams.


Panchakarma treatment is also a branch of siddha Medicine. And it is found from Siddha Thokkamam system. It links with massages. The massages are done by means of SteamBath, Vellakilli othadam or oil massages.

We would like to bring your kind attention that in our Gnanam siddha varma vaidhya Salai, we are treating any disease through Siddha Medicine System, Varma theraphy, and Panchakarma.

Do you Love herbals and Siddha medicine?

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